To the Little Helpers​ of Fairfield who collected food for Operation Hope’s Pantry the last week of March and to all those who donated…THANK YOU! You delivered 7 carts of food and essentials to help feed and care for our neighbors in need! Forget “Little Helpers,” you’re all “BIG HELPERS!”

We love that not only were you thinking of those in need in our community, but you took the time to meet with our volunteer Food Pantry Manager, Kathleen McNamara, and learned about how the Pantry works and toured the facility. What amazing lessons for BIG HELPERS so young. We are grateful to be part of your BIG HEARTS, thank you!

Little Helpers has been helping children help others since December 2010. The family volunteer group holds monthly service projects for children of all ages. The program is designed to help young people understand the value of volunteering, recognize the blessings in their lives, broaden their community perspective and feel the sense of accomplishment received from lending a helping hand. The ultimate goal of the program is to raise confident children who see giving back to the community as a normal aspect of their lives. Little Helpers was created in Memphis, but today has chapters across the country. If you’re interested in joining the Fairfield Chapter, please contact Jessica Vartughian here.

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