Our Food Pantry is in need of a few specific items this month! We’re thick into the summer, which is generally a slower time for Food Pantry donations. Please consider helping us by donating some of these items and helping feed our families, especially those with kids who rely on school breakfast and lunch during the school year. Standard sizes of items to feed/care for a family of four are appreciated. Last year, 800 households visited our Food Pantry on a regular basis, and sadly, that number continues to rise. Feel free to drop off Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm, at our business office at 636 Old Post Road. Thank you for your generosity!

-Shelf stable milk (boxed or powdered)
-Canned fruit
-Granola bars
-Pancake mix
-Sugar / flour / oil
-Canned meat stew and chili
-Shampoo / conditioner
-Shaving cream and razors

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