food pantry

Operation Hope’s Food Pantry provides over 123,000 meals a year to our neighbors in need. Each month we provide food to more than 200 families, including 100 children. The Pantry is almost completely stocked and run by generous and dedicated volunteers. Read more

supportive affordable housing

Our Supportive Affordable Housing provides clean and safe permanent rental housing for previously homeless families and individuals. The combination of affordable rent and support services helps our tenants to remain in housing and achieve their ongoing goals. Read more

shelters for men, women & families

Each night we shelter men, women and families in our clean and safe shelter. Guests not only receive a bed, shower and meals, but are provided support services to help work on goals for increasing income, obtaining permanent housing, and many other personal goals for self-sufficiency. Read more

community kitchen

365 days a year lunch and dinner are served at our Community Kitchen to our neighbors in need. Anyone who is hungry may receive a meal, which is prepared and served by generous volunteers. Read more


Our programs have a significant impact on both individual lives and the community in which we are based. The impact on program participants is seen in the improvement in the quality of their lives and the lives of their children. Read more